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This it’s not sexy, this fragrance screams GENERIC! And to be honest i am not a fan of celebrity fragrances… This is too sweet and powdery contrary to it’s dark physique. And the bad part is that after just 30 seconds the fragrance  smelled like a five year old expired body cream sprayed with a normal fruity floral perfume, this is what FAME smells like. All in all, the perfume itself is a statement and i like the bottle design and the black fluid stuff, makes it look like an evil potion from the dark ages. It is a lovely mix of fruity and floral scents, it is quite sweet and a bit heavier, but does not give you the “suffocating” effect like some other perfume does. It really reminds me of some other fragrance. The black liquid freaks me out a bit but it does not leave any marks on the skin, which is obviously good.

If you think about it, i guess most of the people just expected too much from the woman who set the hairspray on fire with those outrageous outfits and the meat dress. the fluid was quite mind blowing the fact that it is black but when I spray it on my wrist the liquid turns out a kind of gray and when I bought it, I got a free Fame body lotion which also has a black cream.This has no lasting power, no sillage, no impression. and that’s all that I’d like to say about this fragrance.