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My nose has been glued to my wrist! It has a thick quality to it, so while you can tell there are fruits there, they are blended incredibly well and are in no way juvenile. I was surprised by the opening, as I thought this would be a super heavy scent, but it slowly builds and unfurls it’s magic. What this reminded me of was Cacharel Amor Amor, except the latter feels younger and more summery. I can feel a hint of dramatic tuberose as well. The scent makes me think of a rich plum color rather than red, as I don’t feel like it’s very flashy. The only thing I don’t like is the bottle, as I feel this scent deserves something a bit better, but it doesn’t matter that much in the end, this was love at first sniff I can hardly say I pick out many notes distinctly asides from recognizing a vanilla undertone, but now that I see the pyramid, I agree with the top rated notes of blackcurrant, blood orange and sandalwood.I did not expect this from Hugo Boss who has a series of underwhelming fragrances to me. This has quite an oriental feel to it I think. It’s entrancing. It has a lot of depth and very impressive staying power so you will smell fantastic for a really long time. My goodness does this smell amazing! Deep Red feels grown up and somewhat enigmatic.I love it, however I wear it only in a chic outing at night, but it’s very sexy for every day’s life in my opinion.