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 L’Elephant starts off irresistible  and sharp…punching you in the nose with a sharp and significant spice notes of cardamom, cumin and cloves. However, an hour later, you’ll realize that L’Elephant settles down into an expensive, dessert like peach & mango, vanilla cocktail, while still holding it’s wild side. It promotes its very own proud and loud spicy aptitude that refuses to fade out. Twelve hours later i was left with a light  spicy-woodsy-soapy veil of scent on my skin, all traces of sweetness have disappeared.

It’s like enjoying a hot and spicy Indian cookery then laundry it down with a creamy, honey like serving of mango, and at the wash your hands with saffron soap just as you’re on the brink of exit a five star restaurant. Indeed a satisfying experience, and i particularly found the center phase of the scent to be exotically delicious and mouth watering. I can describe the center the most lasting phase on my skin. A  spicy oriental, thanks to the sweet and succulent presence of the mango licorice blend.

If you can not stand powerfully, persistent spicy notes, i don’t suppose i need to inform you to remain far from this one! it’s sharp and spicy at the beginning, then turns sweet and spicy, then soapy and spicy…You got it, this is a spicy perfume for daring ladies with daring personalities. I will honestly say that this scent is de facto unique! I actually have never come upon any other scent like it!