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Back in business.  I tried this the day before yesterday, and immediately said : O my god this smells just like  “Dior Homme”. The stupid saleswoman said “I don”t smell anything close to Dior Homme, and then a voice in my head screamed, how can you possibly work in a perfume shop and say such things ?

On the dry down, this can be less ambery and sweeter than Dior  Homme Intense and less vanillic than Dior Homme, feels like this is turning into the Emporio Armani Men EDT,  with just alittle of Tonka bean on top. this is not exactly what i would prefer during this EDT, given the actual fact that i tend to not like Tonka bean much in spite of everything , and therefore the Emporio fragrance is just too cotton like for me, however the primary sprays of this new Armani ar very nice, and my recommendation to you is to spray your clothes as well if you would like to keep your initial impression longer.
After a closer analysis i can say this is a kind of a mixture between Dior Homme and La Nuit de l’Homme le Parfum by
Yves Saint Laurent, not a precise mix but close enough.

This is a really simple to wear on a day to day basis in my opinion and can be most likely easier to wear  than Dior Homme Intense.

The bottle could be a bit dis-satisfactory,  however that does not matter so much to me except for those that care about the package,  this was supposed to look elegant and refined however I realized that the gray ink writing on the glass bottle appeared low-cost, slightly like a counterfeit would appear. Overall this is not vital, however it gives an inexpensive impression, nothing like brand fragrance bottles used to be int he 8os or before.

So I bought the EDT and wore it these days at work  and  i\’m glad i did it,  i felt very confident and stylish, while not having the impression of smelling an excessive amount of fragrance on a daily basis at work. I believe you will be able to also wear this on summer days.
Eau de Nuit it kind of misses that “thing” that can make it  spectacular, don’t get me wrong it is a good fragrance, but it does not starts any fireworks.