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 The  Calvin Klein’s CONTRADICTION, like all the CK creations, is totally distinctive. This one opens slightly spicy and in the first phase looks  oriental, however right away this morphs into a sweet woody floral, that ultimately culminates in an exceedingly still sweet powdery dry down with just a  slight of muskiness.

Smelling Contradiction makes me feel warm and fuzzy within. No, it isn’t a comfy fragrance, however smelling this takes me to my immature teen years. It opens with a floral cocktail of  jasmine, roses and orchids with a slight tone of  peonies and lilies. This makes it an exquisite floral surprise. Later on it shifts from floral to the  extremely powdery stage and when i say terribly powdery i really mean it. Once it finally settles down on your skin, it does not get sweet. It remains florally and powdery scented with hidden undertones of bitter blackberries.

The  artificial edge that marks CK fragrances  trendy, is present here. However  i realize that this is quite pleasant. I think that this quality is what unites the CK scents and make them so distinctive. I  have not worn CONTRADICTION for quite a while, and i was happy to find that it’s preserved its integrity, well-preserved in its beautiful aluminum cylinder-protected glass bottle, which I find terribly attractive even if it resembles a pipe bomb 🙂 . I even love the sound it makes once the glass slides against the aluminum.

CONTRADICTION could be a form of contradiction to my nose: a skin scent that isn’t really a skin scent. A non-skin scent that could really may be a skin scent. i am unable to reconcile the contradictions of CONTRADICTION, however i clearly can say i like this and can still wear it now and then.