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I have finally purchased a small bottle of this after trying it on my skin a couple of times in stores. Personally, I think i like this to the EDT.

I feel that this fragrance brings the pepper notes out fabulously, with nearly a scent of nutmeg or cinnamon. this is undoubtedly a night fragrance, and i suppose it’s best suited to winter.  It has that robust mint smell even if it is not listed anywhere. Then it turns into a honeyed vanilla cliché… to finish up with the gingery minty vibration. I have to say that although I still feel it’s too powdery and soapy i can not deny that every time I put it on, magic happens and other people question me what i am wearing.

The first time I used it I received a compliment virtually the second I walked into the room, one of my good friends and i hugged and she said “Dear, you smell sexy!”, it was fascinating, and i continued to receive compliments the whole night. This was completely a success. I really like this fragrance and i advocate trying this out if you’re searching for a pleasant evening scent.

The longevity is nice and the projection is just okay, probably with a couple of additional sprays its overarching projection may improve. Try this one out. but i’ll say, it’s undoubtedly an enormous departure from the first L’Homme, therefore do not go into this thinking they’ll be similar. Definitely totally different scents. However both are great!