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                I bought this in a gift set which I’m really glad for because when I’m craving for that scent instead of using up the actual perfume I use the gorgeous body lotion which is great too. This fragrance has great projection, the staying power could be better but I solve that by using the lotion underneath, It’s a great fragrance to wear out in the night, to a club or out for dinner on a date, It reminds me slightly of Armani Code at first, with the burst of orange blossom but where Code is comforting, for me this is Sexy. When you look at it you expect a rich, sexy and very elegant perfume, but what you face is an ordinary cheap one. I can now understand why so women don’t like it at first. If you’re not into that spicy sweet scent then it can be somewhat overpowering, my mother she always hated it… I think it does not feed the expectations. I first tried this about a year ago when out shopping with my family.This is Sexy, Sensual and Gorgeous, but  then it turns into an air-freshener kind of a smell. I sprayed it on and fell in love instantly but when I got home and start wearing it i started to get compliments on my scent, so it really grows on people too! This is a sensual, powerful and addictive fragrance. At first it smells kind of fruity-candy something but not what you would expect from the way it looks. A few days after, I started getting headaches, and whenever I step into a car, people could smell this strong scent and they never liked it. For me this is just too strong for my nose. This is not recommended for daily use at all. You might want to try this. But I’m gonna  stay really far away from these type of scents.