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This is would be a great choice for people who can’t handle the orginal Hypnotic Poison if it’s too strong for them. Personally, i love the original. and this fragrance just combines it together. Although this one is beautiful, I cannot see myself choosing it over the original one. If you are expecting another heavy fragrance, this  won’t meet your expectations  because it’s a bit lighter, and more gentle.  All in all, Eau Sensuelle is beautiful with just one hint of tuberose, it’s much more floral and less oriental, but it doesn’t outdo the original Hypnotic Poison for me! I would guess this is more wearable for those who find the original too strong or unusual. I didn’t find the original to be overly loud or obnoxious, so I didn’t see any need to “tone it down. I love the bitter spice, exotic woods, and intense vanilla of Hypnotic Poison, i love creamy and floral stuff… The qualities I love about it are softened, subdued and muted here, hot and addictive. The orange blossom is the strongest note in this, mixed with a noticeable softness from the ylang-ylang. This is basically a lighter, softer version of Hypnotic Poison. As a stand-alone fragrance, this is gorgeous. It has that creamy root-beer quality that the original has, but it takes on more of an orangey-vanilla feel here. But as long as I have the original Hypnotic Poison available to me I don’t know if I will feel the need to buy a bottle.