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How does “David Yurman” smell? Well just like a fresh glass of CHAMPAGNE. I like sweet fragances but this one has a very intimate sweetness, sort of like someone chewing a gum and breathing on you. This scent is so playful, smart and modern.This is more for the grown woman scent not the teenage type. Making me appreciate all the over primped gorgeous women i used to admire in the 80’s as a child. Since it’s quite expensive you might want to wear it to go out to dinner or on a date. As it settles down out of no where it brings in patchouli and musk, which would normally be at the bottom. This is where it gets playfulis It  is soft, feminine sophisticated romantic and sparkly, very addictive. The musk, the patchouli and the rose make this a sensual fragance. It is a balance between fruity notes and floral notes with excellent quality. Sillage is magnificent too

I would put this in the same category with the new Gucci by Gucci fragrance, which did not end up in my “like” list. To be honest this is utterly lacking in creativity from an artist that inspired an entire unique genre of expensive jewelry. The bottle is much prettier than the actual fragrance it holds! Simply too heavy, unoriginal, ostentatious and old-fashioned but not in a good way. Not for my taste.