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This is just outstanding. I understand those who expected this fragrance to be more challenging.  The package and bottle suggests that. But sometimes we do not  want to wear something challenging, but just smell outstanding. Nevertheless, challenging fragrances usually don’t go well in a variety of situations, unlike this multi-potent gem right here.
This scent excels just because of that, it is very distinctive and has plenty of character, i also have to say that despite of those, it is extremely versatile and pretty much likable i must say. It is like an all-purpose fragrance that simply cannot do wrong at any imaginable circumstance.
This is a very uplifting and happy scent, with loads and loads of tropical fruits and flowers, it  is slightly spiced and a bit powdery, but very balmy and ambery. It is effortlessly opulent… in other words, it has an unpretentious opulency that makes this scent very sexy and sensual, but without being too obvious or naughty. The kind of elusive, platonic, restrained sexyness. Class and etiquette underneath a happy, joyful and juvenile spirit. This fragrance is french in its spirit and brazillian in its heart. As a result, the scent is a passionate and cheerful, yet classy and elegant combination.
It could be worn all year  around, but I think it would really shine at its best in colder weather and in formal wear.
Perfectly suited for woman of all ages, after their teens  that have good taste, sense of humor, young spirit, plenty of happy smiles, but high class and ladylike personality too.
It lasts a good deal of time something around six hours.Marvelous stuff.