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These notes are very strange i must say . I have never heard of a mignonette, much less smelled it. I also had no idea that cyclamen had a scent at all.

Nevertheless, Burberry Weekend starts out as a very fragrant explosion of wild summer flowers. It is a bit fruitier than what i was expecting, based on the notes, but that works just fine to my advantage as i love fruit, especially orchard fruit. This is a sweet scent, but not intolerably sweet. It definitely has a sunny disposition. I must say i just love the kiss of cedar in the base, but I don’t get any sandalwood or musk.

After I’d worn the perfume for a few hours, I sniffed my wrist up close and found that it very much resembled the dry down of Red Door by Elizabeth Arden, minus the honey of Red Door. This caught me quite off  guard, but since I love Red Door, it works just well for me.