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Tried Crystal Noir on my skin today, after a promising paper test. I am still waiting for it to develop past a slightly spicy paper bag .I have to say that i am very disappointed, just no power to this, it lacks the depth and sensual element I expected…Musk is almost imperceptible to me. Sadly this doesn’t get past not bad. Maybe on other skin this becomes wow!!!, but not on mine.Thank God there’s no hint of the coconut, or other darker scent. This would be perfectly for office…no hint of dark promises there! 
Need to turn up the volume on the notes within. to reach noir, or dark aspect..quite a soft scent for the likes of Versace not known for their subtlety !
Still I am not one to bathe in gallons of fragrance, if there is no decent sillage. I think you’d have to spray vigorously to get any amount of depth and lasting power. So pleasant, but nothing more. Surprisingly tame and flat, not a seducer fragrance by any means, but quite nice, maybe this would be a blast on the right skin, who knows !!