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Today i have sampled this perfume at Sephora …and i have to say ,the smell was really spicy,woody,sweet and quite oriental. It really lasted incredibly for three days on the tester strip! This is suitable for night time wear but also could be worn during the daytime. But i have to say never spray it more than it should be, as this is a very heavy fragrance smelling perfume for daytime…a spritz or two at max  is enough. Anyway,in my opinion,this perfume is suitable for any women who is ,confident,bold,organized, and in my opinion,this is a scent for a woman who wanted to be a leader a strong figure ,manager,economist or politician.

i was not sure where does the spiciness of this fragrance came from.But i guess it might be due to the combinations of the roses ,green leaves and orchid flower. While euphoria’s sweetness came from the pomegranate amber and the Japanese apple fruit..It kicks back with the oriental smelling again,coming from the Japanese apple and green leaves. I must add ,i was just guessing though, as it has that “Japanese” word for the apple fruit used..i didin’t smell any lotus flower here.But the deep,sensuous,dark,mysterious and powdery like fragrance for sure came from the black violet and orchid.

Although this is a woman perfume i did sense the masculine character when i tested it on my skin.