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I was in the store yesterday and bought this new fragrance for my friend since she was always talking  about wanting one. I have known about this scent  for a long period of time and I do remember trying it a few years ago and thinking: wow… that is to strong for me .But it got a lot of bitter almonds from it and it kinda  remind me of Angel which I find by far too strong and cloying. Nevertheless i have to say that this evening my friend sprayed quite a lot of this on me despite me complaining about it. It goes on really strong and sharp. All I could think of was getting home to wash it off. That was at least 2 hours ago, but i have to say that this turned to be quite a surprise, and the scent has turned into a lovely sweet almond and vanilla fragrance. I do not really get any fruit and it´s rather warm today, so maybe just maybe this is not the right season to get all the notes. It reminds me of my Yves Rocher Amande du Californie shower gel. These two would go quite well together. I am thinking of buying it for myself now.I think there are special offers quite everywhere. It does smell like Angel  but much softer and quieter. Yes, I do like it now. It´s definitely for Christmas time.