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This fragrance is a creamy and spicy mixture. My ex have been wearing this for well over a year and he always received compliments for it. I would say from my own experience this should be classified as a unisex fragrance. As it dances joyful on my skin for hours and hours. this is the kind of scent that acts like a magnet for people to come closer to you . Diesel plus plus masculine transmits pleasant and  comforting feelings.

To those new to this scent, this may put them off by the sharp and harsh alcoholic opening or by the low price of this fragrance. But i must tell you to not let the price tag fool you – if this scent smells good and works well for you, this is beyond a knockdown. it’s also a very little worn scent these days so the likelihood of coming across someone else wearing it is pretty low. This means that you will not smell like everyone else wearing diesel plus plus masculine, regardless of gender.