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I must say this is a Salty and aquatic scent created by the Mr Jacques Cavallier himself. If we were to compare this to all the other aquatics out there in the market which tend to get an overdose on the floral contrast. This one is more like a dive in the sea. Overall with all this salty glory, you are instantly refreshed with a dash of citrus orange and as you swim ahead this tingles your nose with some spiciness of pepper and in the background which is not at all overpowering, but after a while i do smell some floral’s not faint but just subdued yes its tamed just right. Telling me my destination is near. All you feel is water,very fresh,almost natural water and trees with just a few hints of seaweed and little bit of citrus completes the picture.This is an outstanding perfume at all levels., the lasting power is decent the projection is decent too but that depends on the skin. My opinion i say give it a try you will not regret it.