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After the Tom Ford and before L’Oreal, came Elle. I like its magenta bottle, its contents matches the color. I must say i can understand the similarities between the Midnight Poison, yet this is by far just too linear to compare. They are both post chypre patcholi bombs. This patcholi is chemically altered, not a fan of this, beyond its usual limit. Elle is very likeable. It is very extravagant in the current market.

Vetiver is just only suggested. Oakmoss is sadly absent in this . Overall it would be a modern fruity chypre. The lemon and pink berry and lytchi notes somehow work with the synthetic jasmine and peony. I detect some other florals behind the scenes, Violet and Iris. Its really solid! You would get the quality that only a classic Yves Saint Laurent perfume produced. This was the last real Yves Saint Laurent perfume. 

The cedar in this is rich and prevalent. Its dryness is just surprising for such a modern offering. In the winter, it warms your heart. In the spring, it flirts with a sassiness expected by its promotion. For being such a modern fragrance, it appeals to all ages. Its marketers were just too lazy. It has an underground fan base that keeps it alive.