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Wow i must say that Eau de Sisley 2 smells so much like a big bar of Zest or Coast soap, two popular supermarket soap brands in USA. I had to spray it again and just a few minutes later to be sure i was not mistaken. It somewhat opens on my skin as a pure, fresh and clean soap aroma with just a slight green edge probably the lime. 

As time passes, it becomes more scent-y and dries down to a nice chypre-wood base with alot of cedar and vetiver. As others have noted also. I do not detect much in the way of floral notes i must say. 

My final opinions, it is a pleasant unisex scent with decent sillage and some longevity. I probably won’t purchase this, since my fellow Americans are likely to assume that I just showered with a strong-smelling supermarket soap, rather than appreciating the high quality and high price of this lovely perfume.