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I just got the new Soir de Lune and Eau du Soir at the same time.To be just honest, Soir de Lune reminded me of Eau du Soir. But I like Soir de Lune better even if it won’t be my standard choice. Soir the Lune is a great oriental fragrance. It started with a very strong mix between i think mandarin and bergamot, and some other things which didn’t quite appeal me that much. But after dryng about 20 minutes, it smelled okay to my nose. It is beautiful, my sister, the big fan of oriental fragrance, enjoyed the smell. But when asked her, which one she thinks she likes better? The answer was mango Delirium which she currently wears or this one, she answered: “Delirium.” For those ho are enjoying Eau du Soir, you may try this. But if clean oriental fragrance is not your game, you may try something else .