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J’adore line,To be frank onest, to my nose, is anything but Dior.With that being said, I don’t mean, by any means, but that it is not worth the label Dior, quite the opposite i think, but I do not recognize Dior scent in this kind of perfume in J’ adore.
This perfume is bright and this is the name for it, elegantly and in a casual, formal way bright, illuminous and very floral, I cannot smell the fruity, only the floral. For this reason, I think it is more suitable for a casual day wear, formal occasions or even office for a woman who is executive director or something like that, but very feminine , arty and stylist. Mature with an aloof character but is not quite like chanel n5 or sisley eau du soir. Always try to wear it with a more formal outfit.
To sum up, ib the end i like to smell it on another woman, it is very french and stylish, but it is not my kind of scent.
I forgot to say that it has a very retro quality which I like very much and the longevity is awesome, I mean I cannot stand this kind of longevity!!! Take it for someone who’s skin swallows the perfumes!