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While is was testing Mademoiselle on one hand, I had the Chance on the other hand. What can I say about this ?.. definitely this is more mature than Mademoiselle, but more spicy, and i could pick up some animalic note straight away, which i might add unfortunately don’t like. Maybe I am not enough of a “connaisseur” to know how to appreciate animalic notes, but i can recall having smelled the exact same note in the more famous Chanel no5. A note that smells in between urine and gasoline. I truly apologize if this offends any Chanel Chance lovers,this is just my honest opinion, maybe civet? Whatever this is, it sort of ruined this scent. I could detect this animalic note even in the drydown, this in fact, became even more prominent. Now I don’t see any animalic notes listed on there, maybe today i just have a really strange smelling sense ! Might it be patchouli? I have no clue. But Chance is not for me.