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This is an EdP and starts out as a plasticky and fruity-floral with just a harsh woody base notes.This is similar to many other commercial celebrity fragrances and functional scents for shampoos and other hair products. It is one of those scents that has such strong sillage that even just a little dab irritates my nose, and it’s a skin-grabber that is sending down its roots for a long-term stay. 

I do not smell leather or sandalwood in this, or any of the other good things i might add, that are supposed to be in the mix, nor do I smell any trace of flowers or other than the usual generic floral mix. The fruit is an artificial mixed fruit candy flavoring, not for my taste i must say. For me, this scent has absolutely no distinguishing features and nothing at all to recommend it. However, if a strong, synthetic-smelling and commercial fruity-florals are for you, you might like it.