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I really didn’t think I’d like this scent. First, it’s pink. I don’t like pink. I really thought Eau Fraiche would be the one for me but… It was too strong and made me nauseous at some point. I thought Coco or Coco Mademoiselle would suit me better. I was wrong again. Coco doesn’t jibe very well with my chemistry. Coco Mademoiselle is dry and has nauseated me the way Eau Fraiche did it.I was somewhat surprised.

The seller at the Chanel shop suggested me to try Eau Tendre. I really and honestly didn’t think I would live long enough to like it. Eau Fraiche appealed to be, because I thought it would be more crisp and clean. The name “Tendre” made me think up images of powder and florals. But, Eau Tendre is crisp and clean in a way i imagined Eau Fraiche to be, except the less bite from the citrus, wich was not at my taste to be honest.

The Quince is just sweet here. It’s sweet, but not that sweet. It smells like fresh garden apples and pears. Fresh and true, not that artificial feeling. It’s actually just a bit luscious.

The dry down is extraordinary, it is without any doubt unmistakably Chanel with some base notes intricately interwoven together as to be almost indistinguishable.Overral this is a good fragrance.