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             If you’re accustomed with very masculine fragrances like Polo or Kouros, this may be a surprise. Midnight in Paris looks to a small degree feminine scent, therefore i tend to say it’s unisex. The start is aromatic, black, full bodied with an accentuated leather scent.

             For me, this is Midnight in Paris by Van Cleef and Arpels. The opening with leather, ringed in holly, citrus, rosemary sort of a pagan wreath on a temple wall. This wreath of scent is ready flaming as it touches the skin solely to smolder with the incense that comes quickly from the bottom to hold court throughout the lifetime of the fragrance. The middle notes of lily of the valley, tea and the balsamy smoky leather of the styrax only raise the soft powdery evolution of the incense. once the dry down comes the transformation is refined on the wings of benzoin, amber, the cleverly added  bitter almonds and the lingering  pagan eastern incense that’s supported by the vanilla charms of the Tonka bean. once combined with the heat of tonka, These two produce one amongst the foremost wearable men’s fragrances in decades. after I say that…I mean it succeeds in being fascinating and strange without ever being offensive, even after you apply it heavily.

              If you wear midnight in Paris to church the nuns can notice you because the ensilage is sinfully daring. The entire event from the initial spray to the death of this beautiful issue is around seven hours. Some could say it leans toward the feminine however I say it’s daringly oriental and deeply sexy. Be warned, wearing Midnight in Paris on a Friday night could land you in a Church cubicle the next morning. Indeed deeply sexy.