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I think this can be the everyday “teen girl” fragrance, it smells clean, fresh, with just a slight touch of citrus that rings a bell in my memory of a hot summer day enjoying volleyball or having a fun time together with your friends.

The first time i got this was as a present from my mum last Christmas and i love it! i actually like wearing it because it offers a pleasant “pick me up” once the weather gets gloomy.

I’ve noticed most of the people do not really think much of the bottle however i actually am passionate about it, it’s neat and solid and that i guess it would be the right fragrance for a reasonably, smart, fun and cheerfully teenage lady.
I tried this fragrance these days on my wrist and did not expect much from it. This is such a feminine, girly, clean and complex fragrance. i actually like this and am thinking of getting it for my collection.

I’m really shocked folks notice the lemon note the foremost. I actually do not like fragrances with sturdy lemon notes and i feel like this one has simply the right quantity of lemon, that adds to the freshness of this fragrance. To me its quiet floral with faint sweetness of the fruity notes. if i’d describe this fragrance i’d say it smells like a fashionable soap, in an exceedingly very nice method. If you wish a pleasing and inoffensive smell this can be undoubtedly the fragrance. It appears like a fragrance that is very easy to wear if you do not need something overwhelming.
This is crisp and clean sort of like a summer breeze, with the tremendous florals and crisp fruits, lemons and also the slight mint. Therefore this is a refreshing and entirely Yankee scent. This one is amongst my new favorites. Typically one of the most modest fragrances that can be a stunner. Dries all the way down to a simply stunning contemporary floral, slightly sharp citrusy and with a small indefinite quantity of mint smell that i really like.