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            This is a very well done common scent. The top notes are a blend of citrus, bergamot and tonka powder. Nothing fancy about it, but this is pleasant enough. As it settles down a little, a sweet rum and apple accord comes out, i have to mention that this has no water notes or they are too weak for my nose.

For me the rum and apple does all the trick for this fragrance. This is buttery, sweet and rich. The best way to describe this scent is a fresh out of the oven Caramel Candy Apple. It is beautifully mixed and absolutely invigorating! The dry-down comes out with a basic sweet musk and sandalwood. One key ingredient here is the white chocolate which makes it even sweeter. One turn-off that i discovered in this is that at some point the smell will become synthetic.

Overall for a common scent this is a well done perfume. The projection and the longevity go hand in hand, and is much better than any other generic fragrances on the market. Given the quality/price ratio, this is not such a bad deal after all, very suitable for teens.