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Despite this being on the market for two years now, i have to admit that i never tried it and never had the occasion to smell it.  
 So yesterday i tried this fragrance at Sephora and honestly i instantly fell in love with it. I find this very beautiful and a  truly feminine scent for those  who want something different from the generic sweet and fruity fragrances.
This is a very classy elegant and refined perfume. Contrary to all the stereotype fragrance out there. The top notes are  mandarin, rose some pink pepper and a blend of iris and patchouli. The base is made of a cleverly blended iris, vanilla tonka bean  and sandalwood mix. I normally do not like too much patchouli in scents but here you can barely sense it, this definitely has a  powdery in the dry-down. The pink pepper and the iris blend dominates this scent. This is strong but it does not give you a  headache. It is the perfect fragrance for a woman who want to smell elegant and soft. It says “i am here” but it’s not annoying at  all. This is soft and peaceful and definitely powdery. A bit sweet but without its sweet notes it would have smelled like an  ordinary powdery fragrance. Smell this one if you are looking for a perfume with personality!