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Lets make myself clear on this, there are very little differences between this perfume and the original Burberry Body. I suspect they are the same perfume. Quite alot of people have been misinformed, in believing that this is a new perfume, rather than a re-packaged version of the original.

This special edition has not reached the department stores in my town, yet i have managed to find it in a Burberry boutique. I applied a few sprays to my wrists, after about six hours later i could still sense it. I would admit this has quite a long lasting power and is not that intrusive 

it has a medium projection and the opening notes are a pleasant combination of worm rosy iris, followed by a musk and creamy vanilla mix. The dominant notes are sandalwood and cashmere wood. I will admit that this is rather synthetic at first but i really like it. I admit that I am not such a big Burberry fan but this one just captured me by surprise.The only unfortunate thing about Burberry Body Rose Gold is that its  expensive.