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          What a pity that it doesn’t last long on the skin! Despite the ordinary, distasteful design I liked the content at first sniff. I think it smells good but like I said, nothing new or different. Tested this today, not special, it’s alot like her other perfumes, but that’s not bad because I like those except for Secret Potion which I think is too heavy for me. I do on the other hand  like her first original fragrance but her next perfumes became too sweet and girly for me. This is delicious for the smell but i am not very impressed, it is also a bit velvety next to the sparkling sweetness. Yes this is another sparkling sugary sweet fragrance of Christina Aguilera that is warm, cosy and comfortably sweet. I’m really sorry for saying this, but for me the Aguilera scents get worse with each scent she puts out. This scent is very spicy with the cinnamon and red apple notes, but I have to say that I was disappointed this is just a typical fruity gourmand that is not different from hundreds of others. To me it smells like a fruity and warm vanilla, even though the notes don’t mention any vanilla. It smells like you have been dancing in the flames when you apply this fragrance. Lasting power is beyond bad my shampoo last longer, it dissipated from my tester strip in literally minutes. It reminds me of the smell of Xmas due to the combination of apple and cinnamon notes.