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There is something really fresh and dewy  to this scent, something  that  makes the opening really summery and optimistic. It is quite feminine, but kinda too lack-of-a-backbone to be a niche. After the weird phase, i can smell some well mixed magnolia and old-fashioned rosey scent. The dry down is slightly drier, warmer, sweeter and woodier. This scent reminds me of a hair conditioner i used to use . Somehow this smells like some generic handwash  product, but  in a good way. I would not recommend this to anyone, unless you want some really expensive generic, conditioner-smelling thing. Chalsea Flower starts with some really good quality of rose and poeny combination, which is floral, light-spirited, inoffensive and femine. Later on, I experienced a weird irretating phase, Chelsea Flower makes me feel that there’s too much of something ‘fresh’, that makes this perfume kind of aquatic,lush, crispy and cliche as some mass-produced relatively much cheaper floral perfume.The only reason I won’t be adding Chelsea Flowers to my collection is because it has the worst staying power of any of the Bond no 9 edps I have tried. I like the dry down the most, however it’s just nothing interesting here in the bottle and this is mind-blowingly expensive.