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I just love the fact, that some brands like Acqua di Parma, still have the sense of how to make a very, very honest, simple, harmonious and updated eau de cologne, skilfully avoiding the “pothole” of sports, aquas, ozones and other meaningless definitions of that genre. An absolute classic! “. The result is a sparkling and vibrant eau, with the leather-musk-benzoin collaboration to keep it close to the skin and take it to the level, where a perfume is more than a smell, it’s a statement. Having said that, I smelled it once on a very beautiful and posh lady and believe me, it really, really worked. And when I mentioned that her choice of perfume was brilliant, she grinded slightly and said: “Let’s keep it a secret… Very classic yet modern scent to be grouped with Eau Sauvage by Dior, Armani Homme/ Armani… Think of Italy and the Mediterranean: sun, sand, sxx, lemons, oranges, yellow and white flowers, vanilla, and all of that created in perfect harmony so as to resemble the very best the Italian summer has to offer: this scent literally lifts your mood like a sunset in August over the Isla di Capri. but then again, it is sinfully good! sadly this scent it sinfully expensive… Ideal wearer: a drop dead gorgeous man, well dressed, wealthy, dark type, confident without bragging, outgoing personality, Cary Grant would have been the ideal brand ambassador for this fragrance It stays with you for a significantly long time and it makes you feel that there is still hope for the gents out there.