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I cannot really understand why many reviewers find Ange ou demon very potent, suffocating , really heavy etc. Despite this, I am really craving for this fragrance especially in cold days, when I am staying home with friends and in gatherings. One thing is for sure, is not as heavy as poison, opium or angel are( that I love also)… Although many have citated this as a bad feature of the fragrance, I must say I find it for this feature very unique and reminiscent of orthodoxal unites and days like Easter and especially Christmas day and I like it! The bottle is a miracle, a piece of art and I think everybody agrees on that and the perfume is versatile, you can even wear it in summer, with 1-2 sprays. I must add that I don’t find the advert appropriate for the perfume. Maybe it is heavy like a modern perfume is, which means practically that it has the power that you would expect from an EDP. Having being said that,I can admit that it has something spiritual and a somewhat dark – Gothic – ecclesiastical art to it and in that way you can say that it combines ange(ecclesiastical) and demon(dark). In my mind a more dynamic, powerful, mysterious, brunette woman would wear this. I find that longevity is fine, but I would expect something better in terms of sillage… I suggest that you really try it and not to be intimidated by those who are saying this is too powerful, too heavy and too sweet. ( except its price! It is sweet, but not disturbing sweet, it is elegant, it is powdery to me more than flowery. Ange ou demon is more close to the angelic face than to the demonic. The only thing that bothers me a little, is that I don’t always want to be a nice girl, with manners and politically correct words. And wearing a mask does not make you mysterious! Be a good girl and try ange (ou demon) ). It is perfect! I, on the other hand, find this extremely soft after 5 minutes and that is why I think it is appropriate for office wear, when applied in light hand.It does get stronger as the scent progresses, it is definitely something that has to be sprayed on rather than dabbed though. Strangely there are many scents I like more than this, yet none quite as addictive for me. The scent really grew on me, I find it gets a very unique sensuality on my skin that is difficult to describe. Normally I don’t care for licorice, but this is subtle, and there are so many other beautiful notes that make it very mysterious and intriguing. I really do get the light and dark aspects of this fragrance. I got a sample of this in one of those little packets. I guess I expected it to be strong like Chanel No 5 where one drop does the trick. I detect almost a licorice scent hidden deep within accompanied by a slight spiciness  I find it rather weak at first, not what I expected from the reviews. I’m going to have to purchase it soon 🙂 It is velvety and sweet and warm, while still retaining an exotic and airy freshness about it. I love it, but at first I wasn’t overly impressed with it.