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I remember when i  first heard of Coco Noir Chanel, I was imagining a heavy oriental fragrance, but unfortunately I find  Coco Noir to be more similar to Coco Mademoiselle than the original, thick, spice-laden Coco.

To be honest, i am kind of disappointed about this fragrance. Coco Noir is far too intrusive for my tastes. Chanel is trying a bit to hard to appeal to the mass market. In my opinion  they try to hard on grabbing all the Coco Mademoiselle devotees fans, and conning them into buying this  ‘night version’, packaged in a chic black bottle with more patchouli and vanilla thrown in.

I would personally wear this fragrance casually to the office, or on a Friday night party. But if the occasion its let say a romantic evening,the  Chanel Coco EDP would be my first choice, not this flanker.

Ok, so this fragrance is oriental and woodsy, but there is something really fresh about it. So this is what makes Coco Noir so appealing to the everyday consumer, but it is also what makes this composition so insipid and weak.

The drydown was too musky and soapy on my skin also the longevity is good, as with most Chanels, however the sillage may be a lot lighter than you initially expect it to be.