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Gorgeous and classic. This is Fahrenheit. This is the most creatively fragrance I own and have ever smelled. If you like the smell of chemicals, buy this! The top notes remind me of being near a gas station with a gasoline aroma in the background, or putting car oil into an  old car, with just a little citrus in there.

Once is settle the harsh masculine tones come in, with heavy leather, driftwood and at some point i smelled  pepper. I must add that i also get that heavy dose of violet. The cooldown is for sure a lot sweeter and more woody, when the gasoline, heavy leather and violet fades away.

I’m telling you, there is something really addictive about this fragrance. Some people say that this is pretty much like a love and hate relationship  It smells good, but can be too strong for some of us. Better to not  over spray it,  2 puff’s max.