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I was reading Laur Tasin and Tanilo Sancolio’s opinions regarding Annick Goutal Passion before I went into reviewing this perfume.

I’ll sum it up, the Annick Goutal Passion as being another loud, yet beautiful white floral fragrance. I still remember the day when I first tried this perfume a few years ago. I was so very repulsed by it all. I found it much too powerfull, and in some ways bitter.

Currently I’m an avid lover of white florals, especially when they’ve been  well made and come with lots of organic components, not that synthetic stuff they add up.  Annick Goutal Passion smells natural and real to me. It close to perfection in a way. While Fracas is too buttery for my nose the Annick Goutal Passion is like trespassing  a florist’s shop and inhaling  all the floral aromas.

The Annick Goutal Passion is strong and powdery once settled in. Trust me, this fragrance smells absolutely divine on smokers. Annick Goutal Passion  comes across as being very seductive and elegant on the skin. Despite being strong, Annick Goutal Passion is never cloying.