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Although I do not quite like aquatic perfumes, i have to say that this took my attention and. It is an aquatic but not in the way of versace pour homme. I must add that this ia a more woody than aquatic fragrance. I can smell apples, woods and spices. On top of that, there is a slight rose note, i don’t know if the rose and wood gives something from the smell of rose, but this is what makes this fragrance quite nice for me. The apple, woods, rose and spices make this fragrance very nice, woody, spicy and slightly salty and sweet. I read some reviews about it in the past but never tried it until today. In comparison with other aquatic fragrances, this together with the aqva and aqva marine from bvlgari, are on my top list. I never liked aqua di gio, allure homme sport although it is nice, and other similar perfumes. Eau fraiche is not something i smelled on a man before, not a commercial in CY and this is what i like. Believe that for an aquatic fragrance, the longevity and proximity/silage are very good. The fragrance gets into its maximum performance and gives you what really is 30 minutes after the application so we have to give it some time. I love the rosewood, spices, herbs and the touch of apple and rose although they are not listed in the ingredients.