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Ladies today i have to tell you something, i proudly announce that i am a Moschino addict, so the day i saw this one on sale I bought it on impulse  without even sniffing it.
The first impression you have about this scent is that it sends to your nose a beautiful
fruity,refreshing summer like feeling with a slight note of citrus and a lovely surprise in the dry-down.

The first puff left me the impression of a freshly squeezed orange and a slight note of grapefruit. The feeling it lets behind reminds me of a beautiful summer morning! It’s quite refreshing and cheery. There was even a point when i wondered  if it will be like Happy by Clinique ? … but later i found out that it’s nothing similar with that.
Later when the citrus note cool down i could smell a hint of a red-current note. and a slight note far in the distance of a flower note, Something like Roses. This is quite different. And halfway towards the dry down you can smell a soft and powdery note, that make the fruity notes to calm down and settle.

This scent in the dry-down brings a powdery soft and very yummy fruity floral that is being embraced by cedar, musk and a hint of pepper notes. It’s a very yummy and  wonderfully cheery sunny summer scent, yet it’s also very comforting and relaxing.

To my nose it’s not like Happy by Clinique – Happy is far more linear whereas this fragrance is going through several stages of development that are fun to puff and sniff! It’s also nothing like another orange ‘suspect’ that I own and love, Liberte by Cacharel — Liberte has patchouli & sandalwood notes that give it a smokey sensation.

Overall this is a fun to wear and a real happy scent for those ‘pick-me-up moments’. Sniff before purchase it is a must.