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This is  a fun teeny, fresh and easy-going fragrance. Yes it is synthetic, but still it smells nice so who cares right? 

This is clean and soapy so it will give you that “fresh shower” feeling, and for this it makes it perfect for spring and summer. The projection is powerful so don’t over-spray, one max two puffs are enough. 

Some of was might say that this is outdated – and in a way i tend to agree. It gives the wearer a 90’s vibe, but this is what i love about it. This scent reminds me of a simpler and more care free time in my life personally. so i don’t mind at all. 

The notes that stand out for me are the vanilla, and citrus notes. This has a very vanilla coca-cola type smell if that makes any sense.

Anyway this is best to wear in the spring in a Sunday afternoon with your friends, sitting on the deck of a beautiful terrace with lots of flowers, wearing blue-jeans and a clean freshly washed t-shirt, drinking some ice cold coke.