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The best way to describe this fragrance  is that this is a jolly fragrance. This is a friendly, and inoffensive scent . It transmits a happy joyfully mood in the proximity . At first the smell is comforting to the wearer of it. But what you will smell is a very powdery, candy-like, floral fragrance with just a sweet cinnamon and slight bit of patchuli aroma in the background.This is not a very typically masculine scent and it is also colored vibrant and pulsating pink, perhaps this is a marketing scheme to Joop! they emphasize that it is a “masculine” scent. Joop! would be a great fragance to wear when you are attempting to put out a friendly, hi, and a not so threatening vibe. This is not a scent that exibits a powerful persona or a james bond caracter , uniqueness or indivuduality. I once used it awhile back but very soon became bored with it’s aroma and the vibe. Perhaps it is a quite nice olfactory anti-depresent.