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I have ordered one sample of Fleur Defendue Lolita Lempicka  out of pure curiosity, and by analyzing the notes i was not that sure that this fragrance was going to be good  surprise. 
Well, i must say that this is somewhat a soft and powdery fragrance with just a little cherry aroma blended. This gives the hint of a cherry sunken in a martini glass. Better than i describe it. The violet and almond play the large powdery and joyful role here. Interlaced with a unusual   mixture and carefully balanced cherry, along with some peony and a slight hint of soft musk afterwards.
I can add that I have never seen a cherry blended fragrance so well balanced in any other scents, this usually comes out too sharp and powerful, for a fruity fragrance . But that is not the case here, this perfume is a wonderful chemical engineering masterpiece. A fresh, powdery cherry floral scent that will drive you crazy .I must say that i  wish this  would last all day long ,but still i think five hours it’s quite enough.