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This is a true legend in it deserve this right ,a truly trend setter in the world of fragrance creators. This combination suffered along time many reformulations. But still i see this standing to the test of time. Coming from a time where the big strong musky scents ruled the fragrances like Fahrenheit and Cool Water,they were total game changers in those times. Not that they smell similar to each other, but these   scents  were setting the trend. In my opinion  Cool Water is a fresh combination of  floral aquatic which has a good impact almost on everybody. Compared to those times now there are several unique aquatic options to chose from, but it still stands up in a top 5  list of a first time buyer. But i highly recommend you, that you should try it first before buying it. I personally think its quite a good starting point if you are just starting to get into aquatics fragrances. I must say this is a casual type of fragrance and can be used almost anytime in hot summer days. This is a nice classic, it my not have the best proximity projection or the best smell. But it is what it is, fresh and clean.