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I have had this sleeping beauty in my collection for months. Somehow, i never find the right time to wear it. I tend to use heavier oriental floral scents or other fragrances with dark fruity notes and lots and lots of vanilla. I must say i  was delightfully surprised to fall in love with this slightly aquatic, green and refreshing scent. But I find that the citrus is working better than ever with my skin. The bitter notes such as of bergamot, cardamom and the dryness of oak-moss have become warm and pleasant  depth and rich, especially in the colder days .  The nutmeg adds a spicy mystery, the orris root and gentle florals remain on me until the dry down. On my skin, the musk is light and pleasant  It does not have that earthy, savage character which greatly pleases me, but unfortunately the staying power on me are too  short lived. Overall this is a fresh and clean scent of pure optimism and you should give it a try.