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I already have Angel Innocent as one of my all time favorite fall and winter perfumes, but i wanted to find one from the Thierry Mugler line that I also could use during the summer days.
I received a sample from Sephora of Alien Edp, but i felt it was somewhat too heavy and strong for my taste. After reading some of the reviews, I decided to order the Edt and i must say  i am  glad i did.
Yes, this is very similar to Alien Edp, but in my opinion it’s even nicer, much much softer but still beautiful. I love the Jasmine note , that is a little lighter than in the Edp. The dry down is just plain wonderful, this is  very feminine, a little bit dry and  woody  even more soft sweet ambery.

I have to find something that is not PERFECT, and i must say that the Edp has better lasting power, but that is often to be expected from an Edp perfume .
I have only had this outstanding perfume for one single day, but i must say i’m truly impressed. The Edp version is strong and sweet and does demand attention, but the Edt deserves equal credit i think.