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ok, i’ve waited so long time to try this scent, after reading lots of the reviews and truth be told, i’m quite disappointed. it smelled somewhat quite cheap to me which is i think, a dreadful thing to say, but it just seemed to be that way, at first, this is the kind of scent that someone would spray on themselves to cover up a weekend of excess with plenty of party with no opportunity to shower for a couple of days. Heady and a bit of sweat in there somewhere. later it has developed into this sweet child of omnia crystalline and eclat d’arpege by lanvin on me and it didn’t do either of them any favours i must add, but i do think the lotus and bamboo, noticeable by me, were tainted by the amber and musk which gave it this ‘hot’ and ‘sweaty’ feeling. To me it needs i must say a dry element, like iris to balance it. i was so surprised there’s tobacco in it because i couldn’t sense any at all and normally i love it and am quite sensitive to it. all in all, with regrets i must give it an unexpected thumbs down.