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I have been wearing this scent since just shortly after it’s debut in 1999. i get compliments on it from men and women, but i must say mostly men. I love the fragrance. It is perfect for a year-round fragrance. It has a clean powdery and floral quality to me.I must say that this will always be my main scent. I also use Citron de Vigne by Fresh and a Marc Jacobs limited edition Ginger scent. I am quite glad this doesn’t have a huge following because people never know what I’m talking about when I tell them the name of my fragrance. It’s very memorable and sometimes when I haven’t worn it in awhile and i pull it out to put on, the first whiff takes me back through a collection of memories of my past. All of my boyfriends have loved it.So i must say you have to give it a try