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Today i just got a bottle of the new John Richmond in a swap from here. Atfirst i must say i wasn’t very impressed with it,to the point that i put it up for re-swapping!! I thought it was kind of OK but definitely not offensive, but there was quite something about it that i just wasn’t keen on.

However, i said to myself to give it another try the other day. And although i still wasn’t particularly liking it for the first hour or so. I must say that the longer i wore it the better it started to smell. By the end of the first day i kept getting little whiffs of it and i was wondering where the nice smell was coming from!

At first i seem to smell violets in it, which aren’t even listed in the notes. And to honest i am not that crazy about violets in perfume. That dies off after awhile though and then it all becomes a bit more powdery more slightly fruity smelling, and i start to smell the pear and magnolia in particular. But together with the warmth and depth of the amber, and that’s how it staid on me for the rest of the time, which is i might add a very nice surprise. It’s the kind of scent i would have to be in the mood for, though and it’s not one that i would use as a “go to” scent.But still this is a very wearable fragrance, anytime anywhere and is soft, feminine and long lasting so if you’re just looking for a nice, inoffensive fragrance that is not hugely unique then this could be the one for you!