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It is quite a pleasent surprise to see this kind of perfume coming out from Guess, since my overral perception towards this female fragrance from Guess was all about the Fruity Florale with an image of young, colorfull, playful and sweet girlish figure, a rainbow like caracter.

A bunch of people say this is also a Fruity Florale like the other collections launched so far, but it didn’t really left me that impression when I sniffed it. It is more towards florale with just a little hint of white flowers. 

Even though this is also EDT, it has a strong and lasting power due to the florales included in the scent and this is unlikely from the other collections from Guess, this is definitely targeted for more matured female 25 + if i may say. It is not that light, thats why i recommend this perfume for women aged around middle of 25s to early 35s.

At the same time, this scent is quite suitable to be used by office ladies, who wear formal or casual for the work place. Lots of people tend criticise that this perfume’s name, doesn’t match with the title it has, but my opinion is i think it does. It is a scent that shows a sexy attitude of ‘Ms.Smarty pants’ who could be super playful and super cheeky sometimes.