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Before you even think to smell it, try to remember that No 19 Poudre is somehow quite a different scent from the original No 19, which is i must say, why I own and love the both of them. Since Chanel did not try to replace the original with Poudre. I don’t see a reason, why anyone should feel somehow disappointed or affronted by the fact that it “doesn’t smell like No 19”. (If I want to smell like No 19, I just wear No 19.)

Perhaps the most unfair thing about what Chanel did, was to name Poudre a flanker of a classic. It is a soft, cottony skin-scent without the bitter-sharp earthiness of leather and oakmoss that gives the original No 19 it’s strong, dominatrix veneer. The only similarities between the two are iris, galbanum, and a refreshing lack of sugariness. 

I must say i disagree with those who find Poudre less powdery than its older sister. Poudre has proven a different KIND of lower-pitched powderiness with wuite a big dose of musks and tonka. You won’t be surprised if some people are anosmic to some of the musks here, which explains why it smells weaker and less powdery to some.The fact is that this scent is a decent one and you should try it sometime