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This is a citrus lovers affair ! First puff featured a lemon and pepper theme, while the mint and sugar slowly took in. Mint stayed for a bit but the pepper left because he was there early and was tired. The sugar hung out there a bit longer than the pepper. Then cedar barged in, and i must say, stayed and stayed until the sugar got fed up with cedar being in the center of attention, and left the party sadly. During all of this, the jasmine was looking into a window from the outside, watching the cedar overstay its welcome. Jasmine quickly got bored and left the party. So the party ended up being just meeting up between the lemon and cedar, then the sugar came back, but he was less social than he was before.He became the listener, while cedar and lemon chatted for hours and hours . It’s now an 8 hour affair, the lemon and cedar…are still talking, but at a much lower volume than before. And the sugar is still there listening quietly, a presence, but not a talker.

All in all, a very worm scent, i really like it. This is for someone who likes to get attention, but acts like she doesn’t, in a friendly way. A girl who knows when people are looking at her, but acts nonchalant and smiles with a big smile. The woman in all of us who is the friend that makes you laugh the most. For me this is not a calming, oceanic scent to me. This is more like a party that i do not want to end kind of scent.